Welcoming Others in Faith

Communicating and building relationships with people with disabilities

At Bethesda, people we support often tell us that church is where they first felt completely included – somewhere they truly belonged. So how can you, a church member, help foster a welcoming environment for people of all abilities?

In our guide, Welcoming Others in Faith: Building relationships with people with disabilities you’ll learn about how to communicate and build relationships with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. To equip you, we will study:

  • Psalm 139 and how we are all “wonderfully made” by our Creator
  • The Body of Christ, and how it is only complete when all people are part of the body
  • The gifts that people with disabilities bring to the church 
  • The ability to use people-first language
  • The value of building genuine friendships with people with disabilities

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PDF Cover: Welcoming Others in Faith
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