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Meet Chris

“She’s the best mom I ever had”

Meet Chris Thompson. He may look rather serious here, but he’s anything but. 

Chris, who is 33 and lives in Aurora, Colo., is a fun guy. Mellow for the most part, but he can be a talker. Depending on the day, you might find him playing basketball, bowling, singing karaoke or going to Denver Broncos games. Video games? Yep, he’s all about those, too. 

He’s also a hard worker. In fact, he holds down two jobs—at the ARC Thrift Store and at Domino’s Pizza, where he works in store and makes deliveries. (He is proud to note that, yes, he has a driver’s license and owns his own car!) 

While things are going well today, Chris, who has a mild intellectual disability, had a challenging time as a teen and young adult. He lived with various family members and was on his own for a while. But living alone wasn’t the right fit for him, so he moved in with his grandpa—until his grandpa fell ill. With nowhere to turn, Chris needed immediate help to stay safe. That’s where Bethesda entered the picture. 

Roma and Rudy Sianturi, his Bethesda host home providers, were a godsend. Truly, they are his mom and dad. They help keep him on track with his medications and reminders about personal care and managing the money he earns. They encourage him to live as independently as possible. 

Of all the things Chris loves, auto racing—and NASCAR in particular—are right at the top of the list. It started years ago, when he had the good fortune to attend a local race where his uncle Dale raced at the Lakeside amusement park in Denver. 

For Chris, racing is the ultimate sport—he can’t get enough. The roaring of the fast cars, the big wins, the near misses, even the crashes. All of it gets his blood pumping. 

He’s particular about whom he roots for. His favorite cars are Ford and Chevy. He’s a fan of JR Motorsports, the team that competes in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. He also is a longtime fan of Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Motorsports and co-owner of JR Motorsports. Chris even owns two jackets with NASCAR patches. 

He is so excited to have the opportunity to attend the Auto Club 400.