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Meet Arlene

“She’s got that fighting spirit”

Arlene Thomasian, 69, of Clovis, Calif., is a sports fanatic. She’s always watching games on TV and has a small collection of sports cards she’s really proud of. 

She’s also what you would call a sweet soul. She loves to have fun and laugh. She enjoys meeting new people and giving out hugs. 

Arlene came to Bethesda in 1991 and lives in a home with five other people. She has mild intellectual disabilities, and her family chose Bethesda to provide services including housing, attending medical appointments and assisting with self-care. 

Amazingly, Arlene’s mother is 95 years old and sees her daughter a few times a year. Mom has been a great advocate for her daughter and has asked Bethesda to support Arlene for her whole life. 

Arlene likes game shows, especially “The Price is Right.” She’s also into classic rock, the louder the better. While she has never been to a NASCAR race before, she is really looking forward to this unique experience—a perfect fit for a super sports fan.