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Meet Our Ambassadors

We are honored to introduce you to these five amazing people—and their amazing stories.

Bethesda is proud to support more than 1,300 adults with disabilities across the nation, each as unique and wonderful as the last. Each with their own gifts and talents to contribute. And each deserving to be fully included in their communities.

We are honored to introduce you to the following five—our ambassadors for National Developmental Disability Awareness Month. Take a couple minutes and watch their stories. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. And you just might come away with a new perspective on people with disabilities.

Man wearing sunglasses standing outside of a building

Meet Jordan

Jordan is like any other 24-year-old. He has an apartment, a job and a girlfriend. He also has an intellectual disability—and he’s darn proud of it.

Man in green shirt and glasses standing outside

Meet Carl

Carl’s grandmother has been helping him for 22 years. But now she’s the one who needs help and, with Bethesda’s support, Carl is rising to the challenge.

Man in yellow hat sitting on a bed

Meet Anthony

When Anthony was 7 years old, he learned a hard lesson about his limitations. But he didn’t let that stop him from achieving more than anyone ever thought possible.

A man in a red collared shirt smiling outdoors

Meet Chris

After Chris’ grandparents died, he struggled to find a place to call home. Until he came to Bethesda—and met Roma and her family.